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This journal is written by Kuma (Felis catus) and Kuma's owner Y (homo sapiens). We have moved from Japan to Australia in 2011.


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2017-06-04 00:08   A Hair-Dresser In My House

Y (Kuma's owner)

Do you have your favorite hairdressing salon where you often go? I used to go to a shop which one of my neighbors managed, but they have moved somewhere and I don't have my favorite hairdressing salon any more. My hair is wavy and it's not easy to handle it and I always don't like my hair style, nor does Midon.


He is the youngest cat and is very active. He always looks for something fun to do. I bought him some toys but he lost interest right away and found something more fun which were not cat's toys. As I wrote before on this blog, he loves playing with paper, like newspapers, paper leaflets and receipts. Therefore, I need to pay attention when I input the data of receipts to the computer otherwise he might tear them out.


One day, my husband was taking a nap on the floor cushion in the living room. The other two old cats were also taking a nap as always but Midon is different, he is young and is full of energy from the top of his head to the point of his tail. Midon was roaming in the house looking for something to entertain him, and the taking nap husband caught his attention. I was watching curiously what would happen. I knew he was going to do something cheeky but couldn't guess precisely what he was going to do.

Midon got closer to my husband's head and sniffed it and gazed at his hair carefully. He seemed that he didn't like my husband's hairstyle and thought that he had to do something about it. Then, he started licking my husband's hair. The surprising thing was my husband was sleeping deeply and didn't wake up. It was the chance that Midon could arrange the hairstyle as much as he liked. He licked the hair for about 3 minutes and my husband's hair looked like pomaded hair, it was wet with Midon's saliva. He looked very pleased. I was watching it whilst laughing without knowing that Midon's next target was me.

One night, I felt something was touching my head and woke up. Midon was sitting and looking down at me. I had a bad feeling and it was right, he started licking my hair! He grabbed my head with his paws and licked my hair with a firm sense of mission.

"I have to correct her hairstyle!"

I didn't expect Midon's attention to come over to me. However, my hair is longer than my husband's and it seems not easy to lick, therefore most of the time the victim was my husband.


The chances of licking are anytime, Midon noticed that it's a good opportunity when humans are watching TV in the living room. My husband and I watch DVDs of movies often. It's a good way to improve English hearing. When we watch a movie, we sit on the sofa and it has a backrest, as a matter of course. I think you can already imagine what would have happened next.

We paid attention to the movie and didn't notice Midon was coming. He climbed on the backrest and licked my husband's head. My husband said "No, no, no!" but Midon didn't want to stop it. Then, finally Midon was taken from the backrest by force.

Midon seems to be a cat that cannot stand seeing an unstylish hairstyle. I heard that female cats love to lick their coats but male cats are not so enthusiastic at taking care of their coat. I don't know if it's true or not, Midon is a male cat and loves to take care of his coat very much. I see him licking his coat almost every day. When he just came to our house from AWLQ (Animal Welfare League Queensland), if we patted or touched him, he hurriedly licked where we touched as if he was cleaning off dirty things. My husband and I used to say does he think we are dirty, jokingly? In fact, looking at him licking his coat, it seems like he would say "Oops, my coat gets dirty!"

I really appreciate his kindness, but it was actually an unwelcome favor. He still doesn't like our hairstyle and his meddlesome acts seem to continue still more.


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