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This journal is written by Kuma (Felis catus) and Kuma's owner Y (homo sapiens). We have moved from Japan to Australia in 2011.


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2016-02-23 02:49   The story of Kuma 9 - My second attempt


Since I missed the chance to get bacon last time, I had been waiting for human Y to cook bacon. While I was waiting for a chance, I should have practised jumping. The biggest reason I missed the chance was I couldn't jump high enough. I am a Scottish Fold cat. Some people say that Scottish Fold are not good at jumping, I think it is partly right.


One day, my human's friend visited us. They brought some Chinese pork steamed buns. Those buns looked so yummy. Well, I wanted to eat bacon but better than nothing. I'm an opportunist.

Human Y put the bun's dish on the middle of the table. I felt really uneasy because humans might have eaten all the buns. I was walking around the table and checking how many buns were still there.

Suddenly, one of the friends stood up and said something, and then all of them left the room. They seemed likely to go to the garage. That was good, really good! The garage was a bit far from this room. I had enough time to get buns.

And what was better, buns were on the table and there were chairs around. That meant I could jump on the chair first and could reach the top of the table. Finally, my chance has come!

I jumped on the chair and then jumped on the table top. Here they were. The steamed Chinese pork buns were there. I didn't want to eat buns around pork, so I bit off the buns. Hmm, nice smell. I bit a meatball inside the bun. When I bit it, the gravy was coming out. It was juicy and very yummy.

Do humans eat such yummy food every day? Why don't they give us cats more delicious food? That's unfair.

No, no. I didn't have the time to think about our treatment. I should have rushed. They would come back soon. I wanted to eat a little more but greed causes failure. It was time to get off the table.

We have house rules. One of the rules for cats was humans cannot scold us if they didn't see what we did. What a good rule! I know it was obvious that I ate the meatball, but humans have no right to blame me. he-he.

Meanwhile, humans came back to the room. When they came back, I was licking around my muzzle with evident satisfaction. Human Y noticed the bitten buns first. She looked disappointed.

I don't know why but sometimes things like this happen. For instance, when she is happy, I'm not so happy, or when I am excited, she is not excited. It is like we are sitting on the opposite side of a seesaw.

She had to clean the room when I was excited with toys and made a mess. Maybe this is one of the reasons.

Anyway, I could eat a yummy meatball with no blame. What a remarkable day!

[This story is based on the true story.]

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2016-02-19 11:09   The story of Kuma 8 - My first attempt


As I wrote in the journal before, I love bacon very much. I cannot resist that savory smell. Even when I have no appetite, I can eat bacon.

However, my humans don't agree to serve bacon on my dish. They have the policy that they don't give me bacon because it's salty and fatty. Yeah, it's salty and fatty, but humans eat it. I think if they can eat bacon, we cats can eat bacon as well. Don't you think so?

I have abandoned an attempt to negotiate with humans for bacon. They are too stubborn. Therefore, there is only one way left for me to get bacon.



One day, human Y was cooking bacon on the frying pan. The smell of crispy bacon was so enticing. Yes! It was the day to carry out the strategy. The first step was to attract Y's attention to somewhere outside of the kitchen. If it's possible, the longer, the better.

And then, the doorbell rang. Lucky me!

It's the time to challenge! I rushed to go to the kitchen and I tried to jump on the kitchen bench. Jump, jump, jump! And I got tired. Oh, no. I should have jumped on the kitchen bench before Y came back, but it was too high for me. I totally forgot that I was not good at jumping. Meanwhile Y came back to the kitchen.

Time's up!

* This story is based on what I have really experienced.

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2016-02-17 04:03   The story of Kuma 7 - Cat entrance


If you have read my previous journals, you may know about lots of furniture for us cats. This time, I'll introduce cat furniture which was practical not only for cats but also humans. It's a cat entrance.

One day, family Y said she wanted a small hole or door on the living room's sliding door. Every time we cats come in or go away from the room, humans had to open the sliding door or keep the door opened. It was no problem if it was summer. In winter, humans used a heater and if the door was opened, warm air leaked out from the room. It's not ECO, is it?

I requested buying an automatic door, but they overruled. I was disappointed they didn't consider my suggestion. Instead of buying an automatic door, they decided to make something.

First, they thought through how to make a hole. It was easier if we could have cut the glass of the sliding door, but there was an issue. I couldn't jump to the height of the glass. Well, I hate to admit it, but, I was not sporty at all.

Cat entrance

J made a long box which they called cat tunnel. Actually, it didn't look like a tunnel, it was an entrance anyway. J placed the cat entrance between the post and the sliding door. There was a still small hole, but it didn't matter because warm air flowed to the upper part of the room.

It's nice to have my own entrance.

Cat entrance

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