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This journal is written by Kuma (Felis catus) and Kuma's owner Y (homo sapiens). We have moved from Japan to Australia in 2011.


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2017-05-28 22:03   Looking for something worthwhile

Y (Kuma's owner)

I like to listen to a radio when I'm working or driving. Radio broadcasting teaches me songs that I didn't know and it's a chance to find the songs of my tastes.

Recently my favorite is Labrinth who is an English singer and songwriter. My favorites of his songs are "Beneath Your Beautiful" and "Jealous." I found a man who attended the famous TV program "The X Factor" and sang Labrinth's song on YouTube. He sang very well and it was really touching. I realised how music influences people's hearts.

Long ago when I was one of the accounting staff department, my colleagues and I talked about how lucky artists are jokingly. In every month, we calculated and entered the data on computers and made reports. If we miscalculated and made wrong reports, we would be warned. Our job had to be always accurate and it was a stressful job for me, even if we made correct reports our work didn't deserve to be praised because people thought it's natural to be correct.
I remember one of my ex-colleagues said that he has finished making the monthly report correctly and said that "I have made sure that all the numbers are accurate. Isn't it wonderful? Will anyone clap their hands for me please?"

business image02

I know that the artists or singers who are often on TV and radio are the tip of the iceberg. Most artists and singers are having a difficult life to earn money. So, maybe doing accounting is not such a bad job to do, as at least people who work at an accounting job, who cannot get either the applause or the cheers, can have a stable life instead.

I respect people who can express their talents in any way; singing, painting, writing, dancing or whatever, they are great. The creations they made ease the stress of my life and make me happy. What a wonderful job that can make people happy!

business image01

I'm not an entertainer and an artist but I have an experience of being thanked by a stranger who played my jigsaw puzzle on my website long ago. At the time, I made online jigsaw puzzles just for fun. One day, I received an email from a man who played my online jigsaw puzzles. He said that he hadn't laughed for a long time and he didn't think he could laugh any more but after he finished assembling one of my jigsaw puzzles, he laughed. The jigsaw puzzle he enjoyed had a little trick that was a funny and comical animation that would be displayed after he finished assembling all the pieces, and he saw it and laughed at it. He seemed that he was suffering from depression or something. He said that he has got hope and said thank you to me. Actually, I have got hope from him. It was one of the most remarkable emails that I have ever received. I was so happy when I read the email and it became an opportunity to encourage me to make more puzzles. Making online puzzles wasn't my job at the time but I felt it was worth doing it.

I wrote about artists above, because it's easy to imagine that they felt merit from their fans. I'm very sure that every artist had the same kinds of experience that I had once and I think that it's not only artists, any kind of jobs have a moment to feel worthwhile.

Since I have received the email, I had been looking for a fulfilling and worthwhile job for me and I think I found it. A job is not only for making a living.

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