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This journal is written by Kuma (Felis catus) and Kuma's owner Y (homo sapiens). We have moved from Japan to Australia in 2011.


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2016-07-31 01:19   I love peanuts

Y (Kuma's owner)

There are many kinds of addictions; alcohol, cigarette, gambling and drag. My co-worker was addicted to Pachinko. Pachinko is a kind of pinball game and public gamble that is authorized by the Japanese government. He went to play Pachinko every day (he didn't go to work) and he was fired. As you see, these kind of addictions are very serious. I'm not addicted to these things but honestly I have one thing that I cannot stop. That is peanuts.

I know peanuts are not serious. Even if I ate too many peanuts, I would just put on weight. I haven't heard that people talk about peanut addiction seriously but I really think that peanuts are a highly addictive food. Once I start eating peanuts, I'm not able to stop it soon. What makes peanuts so addictive?

I love peanut butter as well. I eat peanut butter almost everyday. When I was in Japan, I always bought "Skippy Super Chunk", which was my favorite. After I moved to Australia, I buy Aussie peanut butter because there's no "Skippy" here.

My favorite Aussie Peanuts Butter

If I eat peanuts everyday, what would happen? Is it bad to eat peanuts everyday? Maybe it depends on the amount. At the moment, I'm healthy.

I admonish myself not buying peanuts when I go to a supermarket. I know where they are. They are placed just at a good height to get customers' attention. People who work for a supermarket are very clever. They know how to sell products. I can skip the lane where peanuts are, but they call me "Hey where are you going? Peanuts are here." Is this auditory hallucination?

I heard that somebody was saying peanuts are good for the health because they contain unsaturated fatty acid.

No, no please do not encourage me to eat peanuts!

I think every food has some kind of nutrition and is good for the health in some way, if we eat a proper quantity. Eating in moderation is important for all food and also difficult to fulfill.

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