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This journal is written by Kuma (Felis catus) and Kuma's owner Y (homo sapiens). We have moved from Japan to Australia in 2011.


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2016-07-04 02:50   Sniff-sniff

Y (Kuma's owner)

I had been taking a medical check-up every year when I worked for a company in Japan. There were several tests I had to take and they were chest X-rays, a blood test, an eye test, an audiometer and so on. I don't know why but there's no olfactory test in the medical check-up program. If I had a chance to take an olfactory test, I think I would get a good result.

It's rare to become aware in daily life whether or not your sense of smell is good. One day, I was in the kitchen and I slightly smelled some LP gas. I called the gas company and a man came to check the gas facility. He had a special tool to check the gas, and the hand of the meter of the tool moved a little. That meant gas was leaking. I was asked "Did you smell that?" and I said yes. He said that a very small amount of gas was leaking and he was amazed that I could smell it.

The other day, I was at the office where I worked. I belonged to the accounting section and the next room was a laboratory. I sometimes walked around the company for paying business trip expenses. When I entered the laboratory, I smelled a different smell from usual. I told a man in the laboratory that today's smell was different and he said he had overheated a chemical substance. He said he couldn't tell the difference of the smell.

Since these things have happened, I realised that my sense of smell seemed to be keen.

My eyes are nearsighted. I always wanted to have good eyes, eyes that don't need glasses. If I had good eyes instead of a good sense of smell, it would have been more convenient, I guess.

I know I cannot change the abilities of my eyes and nose. All right, I'll try to think positively. If I didn't have a good nose, I wouldn't have noticed the gas leaking. I think having a good sense of smell helps avoid danger.

I also had an interesting experience at my work. I worked for an American company that often had guests from overseas. One day, I needed to find Mr Ramos. He was a big guy and I thought I could find him easily but I couldn't. I asked my colleagues where he was but nobody knew. I was wondering how to find him, and suddenly I got it! Mr Ramos used pomade which had a strong smell. I walked around inside the company and my nose caught the smell of pomade. I followed the smell and finally I found him! It was like having a police dog. If I were a dog, I'm sure I would have succeeded on the job.

Now I think it's nice to have a good nose. I can catch the slight smell of flowers. It's my little happiness in my daily life.

Sweet Alyssum and Viola

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