2016 / 03


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This journal is written by Kuma (Felis catus) and Kuma's owner Y (homo sapiens). We have moved from Japan to Australia in 2011.


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2016-03-08 02:14   The long garden bed project 2


My human J has been working very hard on the long garden bed project. If you have read my previous writing on 23rd January, I think you already knew. My humans decided to make a long garden bed (veggie patch) in their backyard. The timber of this garden bed is spotted gum, it is a kind of hardwood. That makes J more hard to work with.

In the beginning, I thought the project was too hard to complete but J made big progress. He spent almost every Saturday and Sunday on the project. He is now going to set up a water system inside the garden bed frame. Once it was set up, it would be easy to water the plants.

Please take a look at the following photo. This is long, isn't it?

garden bed

Human Y, who loves gardening, has started to plant some vegetables and flowers. There are tomatoes, zucchinis, capsicums, okra and parsley. She is happy with the garden bed but it is not only her, wild birds are also happy. For example, King Parrots love to eat green tomatoes. Human Y seems to be disappointed a little but she says it is OK. She thinks she is paying tax for nature.

We live in a subtropical area. It is still hot in March. Y wants to grow sweet peas but it is too hot for them. We are looking forward to autumn coming.

garden bed

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2016-03-03 01:21   Toward the dream


Last week, human Y bought an electric scroll saw. It's called "General." I think this model is the same as "Excalibur," which is sold in the U.S. and Canada.

Scroll Saw

She bought this machine for making automata. She has been hoping to make automata for some time but she hadn't had enough space to make them before. She was in Japan, where the houses are located close together, so she couldn't make any noise. Now, she is in Australia, there are wide yards and she doesn't have to hesitate about making a noise. She thought if she didn't buy a scroll saw now, she would lose the chance. Yes, she is seriously going to make automata.

Unfortunately, she does not have any experience of using scroll saws. It is better to have experience but it is not a big issue. "Everybody was a beginner," is her motto, so she has started practicing to use her scroll saw.

Yesterday was her second day practicing, and she tried to cut a gear but it was difficult to cut the corner neatly. She needs more practice. YouTube videos are very useful for examples, as lots of people upload videos and show how to use the scroll saws. Some of them have the same scroll saw that she has.

To realize her dream, she practiced using the scroll saw again today.

A gear

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