2017 / 03


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This journal is written by Kuma (Felis catus) and Kuma's owner Y (homo sapiens). We have moved from Japan to Australia in 2011.


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2017-03-13 02:42   The season that the refrigerator is full

Y (Kuma's owner)

It's March. People say that it's officially autumn. I cannot agree with "It's autumn" because it's still hot. Yesterday's maximum temperature was 32 degrees Celsius (89.6 degrees Fahrenheit), to me this temperature is enough to call it summer.

However, I can feel the temperature is going down little by little. The view around here, people still wear short sleeved clothes and short pants, it doesn't look like autumn at all but I know it's coming.

Looking at the garden I thought it's time to buy flower seeds for my winter garden. Winter around here is not cold and I have to choose the flower that can be grown in a warm winter. I like Pansies and Violas, they are colourful and bloom in winter. Almost every year, I grow Pansies and Violas, so I wanted to grow different flowers but couldn't find suitable flowers.

Viola seeds

For growing Pansy and Viola here, I use the refrigerator. Putting the seeds in deceives them that it's winter now. I leave the seeds for about one month and take them out in late summer or autumn and sow them. The seeds think that it's spring and start germination. It really works well.

I have some Hyacinth bulbs. I have to keep them in the refrigerator for a while too, otherwise they won't bloom here.

So, it's the season that the refrigerator will be full of bulbs and seeds. I hope autumn is coming soon.

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2017-03-09 22:43   Australian Movies

Y (Kuma's owner)

On Tuesday this week, I went to see the movie "Jasper Jones", which I had been waiting to be released. I have read several books that were written in English since I came to Australia, and "Jasper Jones" is definitely the best book I have read since then. The story is set in a remote town in Western Australia in 1965. The main character named Charlie loves reading books, and the second main character is Jasper Jones, yes, his name became the title of this story.

I have some experience of reading original books and then seeing the movies. Honestly, most of the time, I thought that original books were better than the movies. I know movies have a time limit and it's difficult to reproduce a story in that time, but I was a bit disappointed, you know?

However, this movie didn't let me down. It was pretty good. The actors and actresses were close to the people that I had imagined while I was reading the book.

I didn't know any of the actors and actresses in the movie, so after watching the movie I searched the Internet to find out who played who. Levi Miller, who played Charlie Bucktin, seems to be a famous actor. He is also in the movie "Red Dog." I remember this title because some of my friends recommended it to me.

Since I came to Australia, I have known that there are lots of good Australian movies. The most famous Australian movie must be "Crocodile Dundee." This movie is really fun. I'm sure so many people in the world have seen this movie. There are lots of Aussie actors and actresses in the world as well. I recently found out that the actor who played Joker in the movie " The Dark Knight" was Australian, Heath Andrew Ledger. His acting was amazing! I'm so sorry that he has passed away.

I hope that more Australian actors and actresses are able to get a chance to step into the world.

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2017-03-02 21:28   What are you, little one?

Y (Kuma's owner)

I have sown some Acacia seeds, commonly known as Golden Wattle. There are many kinds of Wattles in Australia. The Acacia is a bird attracting plant, and the birds called honeyeaters love it.

I checked the tray where I sowed the seeds everyday, and five days after I sowed them, I found a tiny sprout, just one. I gazed at it with expectation thinking that it must be a Golden Wattle!

However, I didn't have any proof that was a Golden Wattle. It could be a weed. To begin with, I didn't know what a Golden Wattle sprout looked like. I searched the Internet for pictures of it but I couldn't find any. The sprout on the tray looked just like an ordinary sprout; it has tiny round leaves, that's all. Then, I thought if the other seeds germinate, I would be able to compare them with the first sprout. If the sprouts have the same appearance, they must be the same plant, the Golden Wattle.

Days have passed, and I'm still waiting for them to come out. I sowed the seeds about two weeks ago and still nothing has happened. The first sprout has not grown yet; it's just there, and nothing has changed.

Are the seeds going to germinate soon or not? I thought that if the sprout is a kind of weed, I can pull it out, but if it was a Golden Wattle, I will regret it.

What are you, little one?

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