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This journal is written by Kuma (Felis catus) and Kuma's owner Y (homo sapiens). We have moved from Japan to Australia in 2011.


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2016-04-16 20:02   The monster in my house

Kuma the Cat

We cats know a secret of our house. Believe or not, there is a monster in our house.

It's usually in the storage area under the stairs. I guess the storage is a nest. It looks similar to an Opabinia. Do you know what an Opabinia is? They were creatures that lived in the Cambrian sea. At first, I thought that the monster was a mutant of the Opabinia, but it lives in the storage without any water, so the possibility of it being an Opabinia is low. It's difficult to define the type of creature that has never been found, isn't it? I can understand how biologists experience difficulties.

The monster comes out of the storage on a regular basis. I think it comes out to find food. It has three legs and Opabinias had five eyes. Coincidentally, both of them have an odd number of body parts. Then, I recalled a book that I had read long ago. The ancient creatures were born underwater and they expanded the habitat from sea to land. I reconsidered that the monster might be an evolved descendant of the Opabinia. If my guess is correct, I have to write an essay and contribute an article to Nature, meow.

The other features are its roar and long tail. It roars so badly and loudly while eating. It has a big body but eats tiny little things on the floor. It's not surprising if it eats something small, because the biggest mammal, the Blue Whale, eats tiny krills.

The tail of the monster is narrow as a cord. The tip of the tail has three stingers like a scorpion. Aha, it must be poisonous. We cats have to be very careful when it comes out of the storage nest.

The monster seems to be attracted to our humans. It always walks with a human like a dog. Unlike its appears, it may be lonely.

My cat family, Mittan and Midon are frightened and have never ever got close to the monster. I think that the monster just pretends to be strong, but there's nothing to be afraid of.

All right, I am going to be a friend of the monster. If we could get along well, it won't prick me with its stingers, and I can check what kind of creature it is.

Now, what should I do first to become a friend? Maybe I should find out its name. This is a basic courtesy, you know? Hey, human. What is the full name of that monster? What? You must know the monster! That red noisy one that always sleeps in the storage area under the stairs. What? O.K.

I'm going to be friends with the Vacuum Cleaner, meow.

Midon on the cat bridge

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2016-04-15 22:49   If cats could talk

Y (Kuma's owner)

My first "IF" story is about cats. I have three cats. They don't speak like human beings, they just say meow but I still can guess what they want to say because we've been living together for a long time.

When I get home from shopping, my cats are always waiting for me at the front door. They know (or maybe they can smell) that I bring food and say meow. That meow sounds like, "Did you buy my favorite cat biscuits?"

I think that it would be good if I could talk with cats. When they don't have much appetite, I can ask them why they don't want to eat. For example, when they are not in good condition, I can ask them what is wrong or if they have a pain, and where. It's very convenient for vets too.

You know, cats are very particular about their food. If they could talk, I would take them shopping with me and ask them which cat food they want to eat. When I think this way, it seems that lots of good things could come from them being able to talk.


Wait, I have to consider it carefully. It might not be as simple as I imagine. My cats, especially the female ginger one is a complainer. She complains almost every day about food. She also meows a lot. If she could talk, it would be annoying. I'm very sure that she would ask me to buy her favorite food. Her favorite food is mostly a kind of junk food and I don't want to feed it to her.

I can guess another embarrassing situation.

I told my friend that I will not eat potato chips. I know I cannot blame my female cat. To tell the truth, I like junk food and potato chips are one of my favorites. And my cats all know that I eat potato chips everyday. If my friend visited me, my cats might tell her that I eat potato chips. I'm sure they would.

People love pets. I think one of the reasons is because they don't talk.

You had a hard day and you are stressed out. You want to say what was happened and how tired you are. And there he or she is. Your beloved fluffy friend waiting for you at the door. Your stress may decrease by 20% at this point. You talk and complain about your job to them. While Cats or dogs sit in front of you and say meow and woof, you tend to think that they are paying attention to your story and saying "I see" or "Uh-huh". That misunderstanding may reduce your stress by another 20%. People believe what they want to believe. It's the same as a placebo effect.

At the beginning of this journal, I thought it would be good to have a cat that can talk. Now, I have changed my mind. I think both we, dogs and cats talk past each other but still have good communication.

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2016-04-10 23:49   The word "IF"

Y (Kuma's owner)

I remember someone said that there is no "IF" in life. That's true. We always choose something from a number of possibilities and cannot go back to the past. Once we made a decision and time passed, we cannot change the decision we made. That's why there's no "IF" in our life.

If we have a time machine, we could re-choose and change the results, and change the future, but unfortunately, there's no Dr Emmett Brown (A scientist in the movie "Back to the future") living around us.

However, it may be fun if we imagine something impossible to happen.

My friend and I talked about lottery tickets long ago. We talked with each other what would we do if we won a big amount of money. We both knew it's nearly impossible, (I won't say 100%) but it's still fun to think of. The funny thing was that we haven't got such big money, and could only imagine common things, like going to an expensive Chinese restaurant instead of a take-away shop.

Well, anyway, I decided to write about my IF story in the journal next time. The word "IF" widens my imagination.

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