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This journal is written by Kuma (Felis catus) and Kuma's owner Y (homo sapiens). We have moved from Japan to Australia in 2011.


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2016-02-08 04:58   The story of Kuma 5 - Cat trees


I think I have been writing about food a lot, so I'll change the topic today.

I would like to introduce the cat furniture I had. I had two cat trees, a catwalk, a cat tunnel and two cat houses. These pieces of furniture were all handmade by my family J. He loves woodwork, and of course loves cats.

He had made a big cat tree before I came his house. How well he made it!

cat tree

The structure of the cat tree was in five stages. The top was an observation platform. It almost reached the ceiling. I have never reached the top because I was not good at climbing. On the second level, there was a small cabin. I used to sleep in there. It was nice and cozy. I liked sitting there holding my head out of the cabin and watching my family. There was a big room underneath the tree. My humans kept two carry bags there. It was totally like a building with the parking lot on the ground floor.

Kuma on the cat tree

Another cat tree was small but useful. The height of the tree was just the same as the height of the window sill. I could do human and bird-watching from there. The post of the cat tree was not straight. J intentionally tilted it. I liked that idea because almost everything in the house stands straight. It was interesting to have one which did not stand at 90 degrees.

Small cat tree

I'll introduce other cat furniture next time.

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2016-02-04 03:22   The story of Kuma 4 - My favorite food


Our humans got used to taking care of me. Then, they knew my favorite brand of cat biscuits. It was very important because I was a gourmet cat.

They kept a stock of my favorite brand at any time. They believed that they themselves had chosen the brand, but I did. I tempted them to buy specific cat food without them noticing.


When I was served my favorite food, I ate it very quickly. Conversely, I ate very slowly when I had my least favorite food. I knew humans were watching me. Mostly, they bought cat food on the internet. My favorite brand was sold everywhere and they wouldn't miss it. When they saw my favorite, they recall the scenery where I was eating happily and quickly. Television commercials and the vet advice were also a big help. I was very impressed that people who work for advertising firms use words cleverly. The magic word was "healthy". They had a weakness for the word "healthy". My strategy has succeeded, but what should I do if I wanted to get the food that's not healthy?

As a matter of fact, the most favorite food of mine was bacon. Even just imagining, my mouth would be watered. What a mouth-watering food!

However, my humans didn't allow me to eat bacon. The reason was because bacon is too fatty and salty.

To get bacon was the most difficult operation because it was in the refrigerator. I told myself, the chance will come if I do not give it up.

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2016-01-31 21:30   The story of Kuma 3 - A tip to get more food


Humans think that we cats are not smart enough. I think they underestimate our abilities. They think dogs are more useful than cats because they work for humans. And also, dogs have a keen sense of smell. Yeah, that is true, though cats have keen noses to sniff as well. We cats don't want to be used by humans. We are proud of being a cat, meow.

Kuma at the kitchen

When I moved to the new family home in 2004, I made up my mind to spend happy days in the future. I will never be controlled by humans. I will control humans without them noticing.

At first, to achieve this purpose, I needed to survey humans. It was easy to understand their physical traits. They had bad reflexes, heavy heads, and inflexible bodies. Their sense of smell was so bad. The most difficult part to understand was their mind. Luckily I had plenty of time to observe. The book which was written by Desmond Morris, "The Naked Ape," was quite useful.

What? Can't you trust what I said? I can read books. Nowadays, even a cat has a twitter account, you know? Times have changed.

At the time, I was still young and wanted to eat a lot. I used to demand J and Y that I wanted to eat more. Their answer made me disappointed. They thought I ate enough every day. In my opinion, they were overeating, not me. My best friend cat Kemeko loves eating. She wanted to eat more too.

Therefore, I got a plan to get extra food. To carry out the plan, I had to have someone who was not a family member.

One day, J and Y's friends visited. The long wished-for day to try the plan finally came. I was waiting for the guests in the living room. When they passed in front of me, some of them patted my head gently. That was a good sign. Maybe some of them liked cats. I had an auspicious start.

My humans knew that we had enough breakfast but the guests didn't know that. This is a tip of success. I mewed whiningly in front of the guests. I reckoned that the guest who heard my meow would suggest the owner feed more food to us. In fact, my first attempt succeeded.

Please be careful dear cat reader, I guess you might meow loudly to get attention, but it is not good. If you want to insist you are hungry, you should weakly meow otherwise humans would notice that you are not so hungry. We need techniques because it is a bit difficult to get attention with weak meows.

A cat's owner gets worried easily if it's pointed out by someone that they don't take care of cats well. They have to prove that they have never abused their own cats. I bet even though they already fed you, they would give you additional food.

A happy life comes after happy tummies.

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