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  • 5th Apr.2013: 15x15 No.5 - Ginger with whiskers!?
  • 30th Mar.2013: 15x10 No.28 - Happy Easter
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    This puzzle is the same rule as IllustLogic or Nonogram. Please have a look at "How to Play Picture Puzzle".

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    Length / height / No. DD/MM/YY Hint
    15x10_028 15x15_005 05/04/2013 Ginger with whiskers!?
    15x10_028 15x10_028 30/03/2013 Happy Easter
    10x10_005 10x10_005 17/03/2013 Long legs and tail
    10x10_004 10x10_004 17/03/2013 Bird that lives in Antarctica
    10x10_003 10x10_003 17/03/2013 Fluffy tail
    15x10_027 15x10_027 15/03/2013 New Zealand flightless birds
    10x10_002 10x10_002 01/04/2012 very small mammal
    10x10_001 10x10_001 01/04/2012 Kuma-nyan
    10x05_001 10x05_001 27/03/2012 Sausage shape
    10x06_001 10x06_001 27/03/2012 What kind of animal is Kuma-nyan?
    10x06_002 10x06_002 27/03/2012 A large sized mammal able to reach one tonne or more in weight
    15x10_001 15x10_001 27/03/2012 A small animal with long ears
    15x10_001 15x15_004 17/02/2013 This sport debuted in Olympics 1900.